Summer happened

30 September 2017 - 7:38 p.m.

Hey all!

Sorry I have been disgustingly absent for a while! I am still here, still busy existing rather than living... Normal service shall resume soon (I hope)!

As for the summer, how was yours?

Mine was great! I worked days, I worked evenings, I stayed alive! Not bad, considering I have done zero food shopping for 2 months...

The house is a tip, but slowly returning to habitable.

My youngest sister is now a Mrs! The wedding was lovely, despite the shoestring budget. I didn't expect to get tearful when I saw her get out of the car - she looked stunning. We fully expected the baby to cry, which she did for the entire ceremony. I shall never forget how - once he had said his part - he looked into my sister's eyes, and mouthed something nobody else seemed to notice. His eyes widened, his smile broadened, and out came the words: You're mine! I chuckled to myself.

The other day, my baby niece put her arms out to me for the first time. She took joy in the fact that I took her up, and promptly pulled my hair as hard as she could.

Mum and Dad enjoyed their 6 weeks away in France and Spain, but are glad to be home. They arrived back to find my small agave had produced a 10-feet-high flower spike. Both incredible and incredibly sad, as after it finishes setting seed, it will slowly die. I have taken a few pictures of it, as I have found only a single photo of one on the entirety of the internet.

Not much else to report. Same old, same old. Hope you are all okay!

Wait, go back a bit! - Onward ho!

E 's hugs

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