18 August 2017 - 5:33 p.m.

I have so much to look forward to, and yet I currently just want to shut myself away and become a hermit.

I am sick to the back teeth of rude fucking customers that think they get to dictate the running of my workplace to me. Most people are nice; some are good friends. A few just spoil it so badly, it makes it hard to return to the job when you know they will be in to start slinging mud again. I really hope that the new boss takes my words into account - and acts upon them - as I honestly don't know how much more I will be willing to put up with before I either bite back at whomever is giving me shit or I walk out.

I know the end of the school holidays is just a fortnight away, but there is so much going on in between now and then.

I have been working so hard that I literally only manage to eat before crashing out for the night, to then wake up and go back to work. I sleep an average of 10 hours a night! I have had no time to do anything other than exist.

There is middle sister's birthday next Saturday, and I have yet to find her something I know she would like as a gift. I have no time to myself to think about it properly.

The same day, it is a cousin's wedding. I have told her that I am working every day - some days, some evenings - though the bank holiday weekend (aka the busiest bank holiday of the year) so do not know if / when I will make it to the evening party. She has then been on FB, not naming people but spouting some of the 'lame excuses' that people are giving for not attending, as 'it goes on until 2am people!'... I would have been dog tired, having worked every single day but would have made the effort if it weren't for this. I am tempted not to go at all because my words were regurgitated during her tirade, calling us out and saying we don't give a shit about her day. Actually, she is right in that regard...

Tomorrow is my only weekend day off this year (bar annual leave) and I am spending it tidying for when my parents get home on Tuesday night. We are aiming to have the grass cut too if the weather holds enough.

I have been going down to look after the place for the past 6 weeks, tending the plants, topping up birdbaths and watering holes, sorting through their post, and other chores. Also to play my piano. I still find solace in it after all these years, and whilst I am not very good at it I still love to play, or at least try. It lays silently collecting dust unless I am alone, and so I shall miss them being home in that respect. I look forward to my parents' return in every other way though!

Wait, go back a bit! - Onward ho!

E 's hugs

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