27 May 2020 - 6:50 p.m.

The rest of the world still looks on and shakes a hypothetical head at how we handle the C-19 pandemic. I, myself was relieved af to have been furloughed, and have stayed in my solitary bubble, only escaping to check on parents and swap shopping deliveries.

The idiots have been out and about the past week, as legislation relaxes, and the infection rate has started to rise again. Surpriiiise(!)

My bubble isn't so bad. I have the garden. There is a family of magpies bringing up a chick, and sparrow nests in the roof. The camera trap has caught a lot the past week. The feline terrorists from next door mostly but also the hedgehog, and a beautiful fox. I knew Prompto was a house bunny for a reason...

Prompto has been making progress in many ways... He now knows 'go home' and bedtimes are no longer a royal pain in the rear. He has also destroyed about £500 of my things this week, as he got where he shouldn't have been. Including my hand made, imported, life-sized wings, signed artworks, door jambs and my rag rug... The things are, in the end, things. But I can't let him chew the walls! Doubt I will see my house deposit again after this...

Physically, I have lost so much weight since furlough! I haven't had this flat a stomach since I lived abroad! My ass and thighs still need work... But that involves effort, so no. I have got a tan, for me, first time I have seen the sun in a fair few years! My skin has cleared of all but slight acne. My roots are dreadful, and I have more white hairs than I recall but the rest is annoyingly still blue and pink.. I need it to fade more so I can go back pink/turquoise and not purple as it gets dyed over. Oh no, more sun for me(!) (I wear factor 50+, don't worry. I do the gardening, I don't sunbathe as I get bored.) The spinal curve still sends me down and out at times. The pain is still horrid, but I have had periods where I can forget about it now!! I never want to go back to work again.

Mentally, swings and roundabouts. I miss my nieces terribly. One turned 3, one turned 2, one turned 1, one started talking, one started walking... I am missing so much... But the worst times are random. Take yesterday for example... I was in such a black pit of despair and hurt and overwhelming sadness for no real reason. The depression maybe... I thought it was due to work but not so sure now. 2nd blip this lockdown, but for this one I was helped through it by a somewhat unexpected light in the gloom. The only trouble is that I could quite honestly fall for this person and that is a bad idea... I know full well he is in the same boat, too...

Wait, go back a bit! - Onward ho!

E 's hugs

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