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17 December 2021 - 9:23 p.m.

Hey... So, it has been way, way too long since I last wandered to this place... But it seems I still need it.

I guess I owe an explanation of where I have been, so here's a quick recap of 2021 (so far).

My nieces are all amazing small people! I love them completely, and I have already become the cool aunty despite the eldest only being 4. I mean, I don't care their ages, I'll take the compliment for as long as I am able!!

Full time work since April. A single 3-day holiday in June to visit the gaming group - and we are still a close bunch of friends. No other time off at all except sick leave - twice (so far) for Covid vaccination reactions - could soon be a 3rd as I just had another booster - and twice for severe illnesses of the non-Covid variety thanks to douchebags who don't mask up. I have been saving my entire annual leave for January.

January will be the 6 month point for me and the boy being 'official'. And would have been our first actual face-to-face... It seems that Omicron is putting that back yet again, so maybe March or April?! Who tf knows at this point. Voice and video calls are our life. Literally every moment we can be together, we are. But it only goes so far, you know? Did I mention that we met in a computer game? I know, I know... I never thought I could feel like this because of something like that either... But here we are.

We have a good dynamic. We both like the same foods, we watch stuff together, we are compatible in so many ways, and when we do fight, neither of us can leave an argument until it is resolved in it's entirety.

Now to the real reason I have need of this place tonight.

My man - Vic - has had another mini stroke. Earlier today. Face droop, cant feel half his tongue or face, the lot... And will see someone ON MONDAY, HONEST... I made him call his dad so that someone else knows, but FUCKING HELL! He tells me not to panic when he is a country apart and refuses to call a goddamned medical centre... He has gone to get sleep but I cannot help but worry... The fact that nobody has really worried before also worries me... He is in his early 30s and has had 3 since he was in his teens. 4 now, with this one... He tells me it is endearing but not to worry so much, but how can I not?! Honestly, he is lucky that he is so far away else I would have dragged him to the emergency room myself, or called had I the faintest notion of how to say anything in Flemish...

Will keep you posted... I have given him a list of tasks that involve doing the things lest I nag - and I really will - until ticked off. Tomorrow he is to write EVERYTHING in full, every tiny detail, to recount to a medical professional and keep for his own record. I, myself, am keeping my own that I can throw at anyone if needs be.

And now for a long night of unrest for myself...

Wait, go back a bit! - Onward ho!

E 's hugs

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