My 40th

25 April 2022 - 8:15 a.m.

Yesterday was mixed.

I turned 40.

I got served notice of eviction, as despite having 6 houses and a boat, my landlords want to move in to the cottage.

I had a fight with Vic over something that shouldn't have mattered which ended up with my blocking a few people.

Dad left my passenger door ajar, and my car battery is now fucked and won't charge.

Middle sis started miscarrying the baby, so she was not at the gathering.

My family were amazing, and the cake baby sis made was incredible!

The sun shone.

On to today, and I called in sick. Middle sis has passed out due to blood loss and is waiting to hear from the hospital as to whether she can be admitted. My boss isn't picking up. Not my problem, am staying home to look after the other babies.

Wait, go back a bit! - Onward ho!

E 's hugs

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