Sick leave. Again...

03 August 2018 - 5:49 p.m.

This time, I have a proper diagnosis, even if it is because of a passing comment from some half-assed doctor. I mean, I know that you see a lot of people but to dismiss me as too much effort to help properly left me upset, angry and falling down a black hole.

It seems that my work is literally bad for me, but in a worse way than just the neck pain etc. I now have a noticeable curvature of the upper spine, caused by my muscles being so tight for so long. Which makes the muscles worse, which makes the spine worse, and so on and so forth.

The positive thing is that I can possibly correct it. It will take months if not years, but the vertebrae have not fused yet! I have a billion exercises and therapy sessions researched and paid for by myself, and am hoping that my boss will take this into consideration when he finally picks up the goddamn phone... I may have to quit yet, but I would rather find something a little better for me before I tell them where to shove it... Could be a long while away yet, as there are no jobs here...

Today has been positive, and busy. I got up and went down to see my parents for 8am. So did my sisters and both nieces. We had breakfast, then took all the dogs to the beach. There had been an accident at the far end so we didn't go all the way along, but it was nice to actually go down on to the beach instead of looking at it longingly from work.

We had a nice few hours after that, and the combine harvester entered the field opposite. We watched from the balcony, as it is quite a magical thing and signifies a particular point in the year. I wish I had had my big camera, as one or two of the shots would have been so incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Next time, perhaps...

We all went out separate ways and I then checked on the neighbours' animals as they are away for a week. The cat was nowhere to be seen, but the guinea pigs - Anna and Elsa - were out and about. I was horrified at the way they were being kept... So I went home to get supplies... I set a small pen up on the grass, and proceeded to catch the piggies. I now know what it is like to have non satanic animals, they were soooo good!! They each go grooming to rid them of the mats and loose fur, and their incredibly long and curled nails got clipped. They had a good munch on the grass too, but I am not entirely sure they had ever set foot on it before... I cleaned the thick green algae from inside their water bottle, and will likely clean them out to MY standards over the next few days... I have left the pen in their garden so I can just plop them into it when that happens.

Now I am home, showered and sat in a dress for the first time in forever. Rest is on the cards for this evening.

Wait, go back a bit! - Onward ho!

E 's hugs

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